Best Strategies For The Infinity Kingdom Game

Online games have had guilds, alliances and factions as an integral part of their gameplay, especially in strategy and RPG genres. While some games allow you to join guilds, others make it optional. Infinity Kingdom is one such game. It’s a base-building MMO strategy game that makes it a necessity.

It is imperative that players find alliances as soon as possible to maximize their survival chances in a world that is heavily PvP-centric.

If you feel you have the time and desire to start your own alliance, you can. However, a group of 40 players can prove difficult to manage if you’re not experienced. We recommend that you look for alliances with as few vacant slots as possible, and then settle down with them as soon you can.

Although there is no way to predict how active an alliance will be, you can at least be certain that some, if not all of them, are playing in the game.

Being a member an alliance has many benefits. You can receive and give help to other alliance members. Research and construction take time. As you move up in the ranks, the time it takes to complete an act will be longer. You can request assistance from other alliance members immediately after you start a building upgrade.

Every alliance member who sends aid reduces completion time by one minute. This is especially important considering that there are no limitations on the amount of help you can receive per construction. However, each member can only assist once per aid request. You can also send aid to other alliance members by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen.

By tapping the icon at the bottom, you can view and check all activities and functions of the alliance. As an alliance member, you can also send assistance to other alliance members that need to accelerate their production. Another constant task is to donate resources to the alliance technology. There are many buffs available for alliance technology that can be used by both the alliance and its members. A top officer usually marks the priority research perk, so make sure you consider spending donations on this ticked perk.

Alliance missions offer rewards to all members who complete certain feats, find out more here – The metrics that are used to measure the achievements of alliance members include attendance, resource gathering and gnome boss sieges.

Even if you don’t directly contribute to the objectives, you still have the opportunity to claim rewards. Nonetheless, it is important to stay active in your alliance, as this will help you progress and survive.

Manage Your Immortals Effectively

Infinity Kingdom adds a little bit of strategy RPG to the battle system by incorporating its immortals into your squad leaders. This allows you to employ a wider variety of strategies in combat, especially in PvP conflicts. Infinity Kingdom has more than 50 heroes and immortals that you can upgrade and collect. It is crucial to manage the troops you already have.

The Hall of Immortals is the best way to acquire immortals. Normal summoning can yield rare and uncommon grade immortals, or shards, while advanced summoning can produce rare, elite, legendary, or rare shards.

To summon immortals, you will need philosopher’s stone. However, you have 5 chances to do a regular summon and 1 chance to pull from an advanced summon. Advanced summoning can be done with 9 philosopher’s stones. A 10x pull will get you a 10% discount.

You will eventually unlock the market, where you can buy specific immortal soul stones. You can also spend gems and use soul crystals you get as rewards for missions, as well as sailing or dismantling immortal spirit crystals.

Through the immortal icon at bottom of the screen, you can view all immortals that you have unlocked and those you are still searching for. This menu will give you details about each immortal. Each immortal has a unique set skills that can be unlocked when they reach higher star grades.

Every immortal is assigned a class, much like the troops you train in your camp. The cavalry, shieldmen, and spearmen are the frontliners, while the bowmen make up the back row units. While frontliners can be focused on defense or attack, bowmen can use magic or ranged attacks.

Each immortal is also a member of one of seven different elemental affinity groups: water, fire, lightning, wind and fire, holy, or shadow. Water beats fire; wind beats lightning; water beats earth; shadow beats all basic elements; and the holy beats shadow.

When building a squad, these elemental affinities should be considered. Not only for their strengths and limitations but also for the elemental buffs that unlock when there are at least three units with the same elemental affinity.

The entire squad gets 20% more magical and physical defense when there are 3 immortals with the same elemental affinity. The troops can gain 20% more physical and magical attack if they have four immortals with the same elemental affinity. A full squad of five immortals with the same elemental affinity increases each member’s HP by 10%. Each squad can only contain 4 immortals, with 2 being for the front row and the other 2 being for the back row. Your dragon will be in the fifth and final slot.

Make wise investments in the Immortals you choose

It’s almost a given that immortals of higher grades will be more skilled and powerful. Lower grade immortals serve a purpose due to the many ways they can be upgraded and the possibility of combining them with those who share the same elemental affinity.

Each immortal you battle with earns experience points, which can be used to boost their power and level. There are exp. Rolls can be applied to immortals to instantly infuse them with additional experience points.

These items can be consumed on the team’s set of immortals, but it is a good idea not to eat them all.

An immortal can have 4 types of gear: a weapon (helm), armor (armor), and boots. These gears can be bound by rarity grades and can have set effects that provide additional stat boosts for the immortal. Enchant stones can be used to enhance gears. These can be obtained from the gnomes that you defeat on the world map. Every upgrade brings an increase in stats.

You will find shards in the Well of Time as you fight through it. These shards can be used to increase each immortal’s stats. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of an immortal’s page to equip the shards. You can also check out the stages that you can farm missing shards.

Ranking up to the star rank of the immortal is the most difficult upgrade, but also the most important. You will need additional soul stones and a large amount of gold to do this. You must be selective when upgrading immortals. It will be difficult to find extra soul stones to rank them up.

You can also use the alchemy laboratory to dismantle any extra immortal soul stones that you don’t need. The extracted materials can be used as currency that you can use to purchase immortals via the market. You can also reset upgrades that you have invested in immortals by using alchemy. To obtain more enchant stones, you can also sacrifice unwanted gears.

Progress through the Well of Time

If you find it difficult to multitask or manage your time in Infinity Kingdom, the Well of Time might be the right thing for you.

The Well of Time is a story campaign within Infinity Kingdom. You will battle through various chapters and stages to unlock more features as well as earn rewards. The SP you need to complete the challenging stages of this game mode is separate from the energy that you use when you deploy troops across the globe map. SP will be a large resource in your first sessions. Make sure you use it efficiently to boost your army’s growth, and your base camp’s development.

Many stages have battle conditions which impose stars on your performance. It is fine to not get perfect ratings your first time, but replay the levels you missed to earn additional rewards. These chests can be found below the map and are based on how many stars you have earned.

Beyond the immediate rewards for battle and treasure chest bonuses, the Well of Time unlocks permanent buffs that your base camp can use in relation to production. These bonuses can be accessed by tapping the book icon on the lower left corner of the screen.

Comply with other missions to earn additional rewards

The chapter missions are the most important quests to complete to accelerate your progress. However, Infinity Kingdom has many other missions that you can accomplish to earn additional rewards. While some missions may be similar to those in chapter objectives, each mission grants its own rewards. It is better to look at each list than just one to make sure you can complete them all.

The icon to the right of chapter objectives can be used to access the missions menu. There are three tabs for missions: daily missions, growth missions, and alliance missions. These are achievements that show milestones achieved in different areas of the game. Some milestones are directly related to chapter objectives. Others take longer.

The easiest tasks to complete are daily missions. You will earn activity points and resources for completing daily quest objectives. You can unlock additional rewards by earning activity points. Although you don’t have to complete all of the daily missions, it is a good idea to work towards them all in order to receive additional rewards.

The alliance missions are only available to you if your country is a member of the alliance. These objectives are difficult to achieve as they require team effort. To unlock all rewards of the guild mission, your best option is to join an active team and make as much contribution as possible to your alliance.

Regularly check your mail and inventory

Most rewards that you earn end up in your inventory. For the most basic items or resources, you don’t even need to open your bag to find them. However, some rewards earned through events or guild activities might end up in your mailbox. In these cases, you should be sure to keep an eye on them.

Mail can contain a lot of information and rewards that are waiting to be claimed. Although it may seem difficult to see, there is a button in the bottom of your mail that opens all messages quickly and instantly claims rewards for any group. You should also keep in touch with your alliance’s current situation and plans of action as guild communication can be sent via mail.

The importance of inspecting each item in your inventory goes beyond simply knowing what it is. You may find chests or crates containing the actual rewards that you need to open up in order to get them.

You may also need to consider rare and valuable items to help you choose when to use them. These items include extra construction queues, buffs to your camp and armies, and items that can teleport your camps.

Be cautious when using basic resources that are not essential. Your warehouse’s ability to protect or hold a limited amount of resources is dependent on the level of your upgrade. To protect your resources from possible pillage, it’s best to keep as many extra resources as you can in your inventory.

Enjoy Special Events

Infinity Kingdom offers additional bonuses beyond the immediate rewards that you get from participating in battles and the additional rewards for completing missions. Infinity Kingdom also provides extra bonuses through regular freebies and the achievement of goals during special events. These rewards are subject to your time and dedication so it is important to make the most of them.

Additional items and resources can be obtained based on how much time you spend online. Click on the timer icon in the upper right corner of the screen to claim your rewards. After being online for five minutes, the first set can be claimed.

You will not see the next set of minutes until you have claimed your rewards. If you are a regular shopper, you can claim rewards every day if you start claiming them as soon as they become available.

You can also click on the calendar icon at the upper right of the screen to access the weekly calendar. You can choose from tabs that display short-term events like the power challenge or long-term ones like the path towards glory.

While you may be able achieve many of the objectives in these events, they are often tied up with the activities you engage in. It is better to examine each list to be more efficient in determining the metrics you should be working towards.

Be Prepared Before You Consider Attacking

It can be a difficult task to build your army and establish your base camp in Infinity Kingdom. It is important to push for efficiency and speed in order to build your army and get resources and power quickly. This will allow you to defend yourself against others and launch your attacks.

While gnomes and mechanize monstrosities might be the main characters of the story, you will always face a more serious threat from other players in your alliance.

As we discussed, one of the first strategies to use early on is to scan the immediate vicinity of your base camp. While resource spots and NPC mobs have a fairly consistent density across the whole world map, you should pay attention to the location of nearby player camps.

On the lower left side, you can see the base camp’s elevation. It is the same level as the castle’s. Although a camp’s level can be indicative of its power, it should not be assumed that it is the same across all camps. Sometimes, a camp that is lower than yours may have more powerful troops and immortals while a camp at a higher level might not have enough troops to defend the camp. It is important to take into account the activity of your camp and its alliance.

While you might be eager to test your army’s power against another camp, there are many final preparations that must be made before you can do so. It is important to know if a player is part of an alliance. An attack on their camp will effectively be considered an attack against the alliance, which will undoubtedly generate a counterattack against your fellow members.

Be ready for an attack, and be prepared for the possibility of being attacked by stronger players. Also, be prepared for losing defensive battles. Once you attack an enemy player’s base or scout it, your immunity shield will be removed. Although you can put on a new shield after an attack, it is best to save that money for the most dire situations.

Resources are a major motivator for alliances or players to attack your camp, providing that they don’t attack you first. It is important to keep all resource items in your inventory and make sure that your warehouse has enough space for them. If you do not have the necessary resources to upgrade or train, you can just consume what you have from your inventory.

Sometimes, even if you don’t have any resources to show it will still be enough to get other players to attack your camp after the immunity shield is down. It could be practice, battle wins, or fun. You should also be prepared to defend your base camp’s walls, as you want to minimize your losses.

As we mentioned, the wall can create defensive traps to deter intruders. Based on the upgrade level, there is a limit to how much it can hold. It is a necessity to have some troops garrisoned on your wall in case of emergency. You can ask your alliance to temporarily garrison your troops on your wall if they are able to. These tactics are best used when you are online and an attack is imminent.

Another tactic used by alliance members is to move to a common place. Once you have found an alliance that you want to remain with, the leader of the alliance or an office will likely initiate the tactic to mark a place where all members can teleport.

Although it is possible to move through marching, it takes a lot more effort. Relocating will also eliminate your immunity barrier. It is best to move to the place where everyone is if your immunity barrier is about to expire.

Another benefit to staying close to your alliance members is coordinated and cooperative attacks through rallies. While attacking another player’s base camp can be risky, it is more beneficial to do it with other alliance members.

Infinity Kingdom has a lot more to offer players, but this is our first guide. There are many advanced strategies that you can discover on your own, or with the support of other alliance members. We believe that the tips and strategies that we shared with us will be able to help you jumpstart your army-strengthening and base-building activities.

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