The Best Design Tips For Crushed Velvet Beds

You make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom. Choose a high-quality velvet material for your bed. Velvet is a traditional symbol of royalty. This is no longer the case. Velvet bed fabric is now available to everyone at a cost that is worthy of its finest qualities but not as costly as gold.

Crinkle velvet is a type of crushed velvet that looks luxurious and beautiful. This fabric has an irregular pattern and crumpled texture. It is made by twisting the fabric during manufacturing.

How can you make your bedroom look great with a crushed velvet bed? Here are some great bedroom design ideas.

Select the Perfect Luxury Mattress

The light reflects off crushed velvet beds, giving them a more luxurious and shiny appearance. Your bedroom will look more glamorous and luxurious, making it a great place to relax after a long day at work.

Wingback beds,, can be complemented by a high-quality mattress, which you can easily purchase online from the Luxury Bed Co. A luxury mattress is made with the highest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. A luxury mattress will have hand-crafted details, thick comfort layers and be taller than the average mattress.

Upgrade your bedding

The texture of crushed velvet beds is irregular and captures light. It also conveys glamour. A velvet bed frame adds a dramatic touch to your bedroom. One of the best ways you can complement it is by choosing high-end pillowcases and bed covers.

You want to feel like you are in a luxurious hotel room? You can do this by using a luxury comforter that is made from soft, smooth materials and has intricate textures. A crisp, neutral-colored cotton duvet covers will make your crushed velvet bed even more beautiful. A classic stripe design in cotton satin is also an option. To elevate your bedroom, choose beautiful patterns and textures in comforters such as pleats, velvet, satin, or tufting.

No matter what material you choose for your bedding, ensure that you are comfortable. For a restful night, choose hypoallergenic pillows, blankets, or comforters.

A crushed velvet ottoman bed is a good choice. Ottoman beds are equipped with secret compartments that can be opened or closed with their gas-lift hydraulics.

Imagine a stylish and functional bedroom space with a crushed velvet ottoman bed. It conceals and has high storage capabilities, so you can store just about anything.

  • Bedroom essentials If you need more space for towels, blankets and pillows, then ottoman beds might be the best choice.
  • Your collections Magazines and DVDs, silverware, music instruments and other smaller furniture items
  • Sports Equipment: Some examples include your balls, golf equipment, and rackets

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of your bedroom interior. Lighting can transform your bedroom’s atmosphere and create a sense of light in your room. How can you make your bedroom complement your crushed velvet bed with lighting? Here are some tips:

  • Pendant Lamp: Because crushed velvet beds depict luxury and glamour, choose a unique pendant lamp. Pendant lights are elegant and affordable. A pendant lamp can be a stylish way to update your bedroom.
  • String lights: Do you dream of a romantic bedroom? String lights and fairy lights can be used to create a cozy, atmosphere in your bedroom. They will match your crushed velvet bed perfectly. To hang string lights up, you can use clear hooks on the walls.
  • Wall Sconces These lighting fixtures can be installed either side of a bed to make night-time reading easier. You should place wall sconces six feet high. If your bedroom ceiling is too high or your velvet bed is low, you can adjust the height. To hide the bulbs, choose upward-facing sconces which are higher than eye level.

Select the Best Style of Footboard and Headboard

Your luxurious bed will be more glamorous and dramatic if you choose the right headboard and footboard. How do you pick the right headboard and footboard to go with your crushed velvet bed?

Headboards hold your pillows in place and give you back support. You can choose from a variety of headboard options for crushed velvet beds, including paneled, buttoned or smooth. The smooth headboard is a great option for a place to rest. Because of its exquisite decorative design, the buttoned velvet headboard reflects elegance. A panel-type headboard is more flexible and can match your velvet bed.

The footboard prevents the mattress from sliding and gives velvet beds a more traditional look. There are two types of footboards: high and low. A high footboard will make your crushed velvet bed stand out. High footboards look chic and cozy. A low footboard gives the room a modern feel.

Select the Best Bedroom Colors

You can use gold, silver and white in your bedroom decor. Select the best bedroom colours to complement your crushed velvet bed. A deep lavender crushed velvet bed can be paired with grey trim and white bedroom walls. Your velvet bed’s elegance is matched by silver and gold furniture and lighting fixtures.

To avoid overpowering the eyes with other decorations for your bedroom, keep it simple. A crushed velvet bed is unique in its shimmer, so adding too many decorations can cause eye strain and can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle.


In your next bedroom remodel, use the design tips above. You can complement your crushed velvet bed with the right mattress and storage space. You can update your bedroom decor to make it more luxurious and elegant. When you have a finalized your interior design plan you will reap the full benefits of sleeping in your comfortable, cozy crushed velvet bed.

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