The Most Comfortable 10 Belly Band Holsters

The best tummy band holster helps keep your handgun secure and invisible beneath your T-shirt to help you to cope with hazardous circumstances. These models are delicate and comfortable to wear directly facing the pores and pores and skin, and they come in various sizes that may in good shape most shooters.

The holsters we review in this post are accommodating and so they can fit most pistol variations. However, specific pistol models might be too big to fit comfortably in hidden bring holsters. Should this be the circumstance, we advocate selecting a shoulder rotor blades holster alternatively.

In this article, we check out the most protect abdominal area band holsters offered so we reveal their benefits and drawbacks.

1. ComfortTac Best Tummy Holster

The ComforTac belly band is a single aspect satisfies all holster. This holster is made from neoprene and will also suit people who have a belly that steps around 44”. The neoprene is tightly-stitched, making it soft and cozy enough to work with from your skin layer area with no damage to you.

One particular critical thing we liked regarding this layout is that it’s practical. It is possible to wear the belly band inside your waistband and out your jeans, and you may placement the holster so that you can go across the draw, do the installation behind your modern, within the twelve o’clock position, or concerning the small of your own again.

This stomach band comes in the right or left-palm draw.


  • Matches A Lot Of Handguns – This holster will match up plenty of handgun versions


  • Unnecessary Mag Pouch – The mag pouch is ineffective, plus the mags will slip and fall from it when you move.

2. BravoBelt Abdomen Band Holster

The BravoBelt band holster will suit all dimensions to your 44” stomach. This product has a cozy type that molds for the figure to enable you to cover have your handgun for many hours on end without this unsettling your techniques.

We were astonished at the holster’s comfy format. Soon after you devote position the band within your belly, it can retain the handgun in close proximity to your entire body, so that it is quite easy to hide. And that band can be comfy.

Another advantage of this style is it offers added storage area location besides maintaining your handgun. You can easily shop extra publications, recommendations, money, or perhaps a cellphone when using this style.


  • Good Room For Saving – This style permits you to retailer not simply your pistol


  • Very good Simply For Small And SubCompact Pistols – This holster is perfect for mobile and subcompact pistols, however, not a good deal for full-assessed kinds

3. A number of Way Belly Band Holster

The For Way stomach band holster has an interesting format that is offered by the truly amazing importance. This holster is specially created to in good shape inside of your waistband, but you can also carry it over your slacks as well as your belly if you wish. If you wear it throughout the waistband, the holster is located decrease on your own hips for any hassle-free keep.

Something we adored relating to this variation is the fact it’s manufactured to do business with both a still left in addition to a correct-handed shooter. The holster wallet is spacious enough to fit most pistols, that include semis and in some cases revolvers.


  • Breathable Fabric – This belly band is made out of a breathable cloth which enables you to set it on for a long period without discomfort.


  • No Place For Mags – This belly band holster includes offered-finished pouches that won’t continue to keep mags tightly, so it’s just as good as a leg joints holster

4. Successful Specialist Products Belly Band Holster

The Lively Expert Gear is truly a cozy abdomen band holster that comes in multiple measurements that could help a lot of people. The holster possesses a format that’s roomy enough to fit most pistols, from large frameworks semis and revolvers to small and subcompact versions.

We actually valued this holster’s bodyweight syndication. The belly band distributes the burden of your weapon on its entire dimension, making it protect to secure your firearm for very long amounts of time.

The band is made of a breathable elastic fabric that may really feel fine up against the skin area. The Velcro endings are longer lasting and powerful, and they can support a great deal of bodyweight without having an issue.


  • Fits A Complete-Sized Gun – The holster is big enough to match an entire-measured weapon


  • Challenging To Maneuver With A single Hands and wrists – The holster is snug and cozy, but it can be challenging to draw your pistol without quite a lot of exercise

5. Defensive Items Stomach Holster

The Protective Products holster is, in reality, a one specific measurement fits all secret maintain cure which comes at an available selling price. This edition is constructed from a stretchable neoprene supply that is delicate enough to feel calm against your epidermis level. The abdominal area band will fit and healthy any person that includes an abdominal area of up to 47”.

We loved this holster’s advancement. The Belly Band Holster is light and it’s made from a durable neoprene which will put up with moisture content material and sun exposure, letting you carry it inside the wide-open to be able to.

This holster includes clicking control buttons that make your firearm and ammunition protected. The record pouches characteristic preservation straps that will maintain the mags from falling out while you transfer.


  • Protect – The preservation rings can keep your ammunition from sliding out of your pouch


  • Can get Comfortable – Though the tummy holster will be able to put up with sun exposure, it would get comfy and not comfortable during the summertime.

6. Hidden Provider Versatile Pistol Holster

The Hidden Organization versatile pistol holster is among the most desired stomach holster kinds on the market today, plus it shows up on the excellent price. This style can be purchased in 2 types, a single for every hand’s orientation. The belly band is constructed from high-top quality neoprene that can suit any stomach up[ to 44”.

One particular important thing we liked concerning this product is it incorporates a really snug structure. This design and style will enable you to conceal the holster as well as your handgun with little initiatives, and it will be easy to hide the firearm under t-shirts, T-shirts, and in addition sports activities outfits.


  • Undamaging – This version comes with a preservation band that may maintain the handgun safe and sound constantly.


  • Yanking Calls for Exercising – You have to physical exercise you bring if you would like to use this holster with excellent benefits.

7. FiftyBazz Stretchy Stomach Band

The FiftyBazz abdomen holster is an excellent secret carry decision that comes at reasonable prices. This layout comes with an efficient layout that may fit most handguns, from revolvers to light, subcompact, and perhaps whole-sizing pistols.

Anything we appreciated in regard to this version is that it gives a superb place for storage. The holster will help an extra distribution, but you can also store a pepper mist or even a display lighting inside so that you can.

The keeping pouch is removable, to help you take it off in case you don’t want to utilize it, and so the band is going to be easier to protect.


  • Decreased User account – This holster has very low information, in order to easily cover it inside a t-tee shirt or possibly a shirt


  • Band May Be Longer – This holster includes a thumb-split clasp that may make your pistol safeguarded. Nevertheless, the bands are too very easy to support some handguns.

8. UnderTech UnderCover Belly Band Holster

The UnderTech UnderCover stomach band is definitely a secure and flexible obscured keep respond to. This holster comes in different styles, as a result, it will assistance most shooters, regardless of how very little or large their stomach is.

An excellent benefit from this layout would it be can fit most handguns and it also shows up with two pistol slot machine games. One among a number of slot machine games is specially built to go well with revolvers, even though the other is perfect for intelligent pistols. The holster carries with it an ambidextrous style. It is actually easy to take your pistol with either fingertip, and you will definitely cover up the holster easily within tee shirt or T-tee t-shirt thanks to its comfy layout.


  • Several Types – This holster will come in variations, and making it suitable for both petite and big physiques.


  • Measurements Are Huge – The holster’s types are big, so be sure to properly establish your belly and examine the way in which of calculating with all the manufacturer’s dimensions before buying

9. Fullmosa Waistband Holster

The Fullmosa waistband holster is a good obscured carry choice for many who like to have their handgun, as well as some bonuses, close available continually. This holster will be many measurements that could accommodate most shooters, and this will fit most handgun versions. This is an excellent holster on the Glock 19.

The waistband comes with three pistol holsters. One of the holsters is placed around the outstanding, one particular in the correct, together with the 3rd a single round the back end, to help you take advantage of the one that complements your maintain desire.

Near to the handgun, this product can in shape around 4 periodicals. There are 2 mag pouches on all of its factors, and also the band also may include a small wallet for money and many add-ons pockets that could match torches or pepper aerosols.


  • Benefit – This holster supplies a special benefit due to the value


  • Substance Is Simply Not Breathable – The belly band is constructed from a non-breathable cloth which may get annoying inside the secure year.

10. Lirisy Stomach Band Holster

The Lirisy tummy band holster is a great version that has a single sizing matches all style. This band will fit all shooters have tummies up to 45” in circumference. The band is constructed from a versatile neoprene that enables the skin coating to inhale and exhale and it’s soft enough to put on directly against your skin coating.

One thing we valued in regards to this product is it arrives with a fixed along with an easily eliminated pouch. This will provide you with the opportunity to retailer an extra ammo mag from the holster, but also it is possible to take advantage of the pouches to support a portable flashlight, a number of cash, or any other belongings.


  • Ambidextrous Style – This design possesses an ambidextrous design and style, so you can use it by both remaining-presented and correct-given men and women


  • Styles Run Modest – The band’s styles work small so that you should establish your stomach and evaluate it about the manufacturer’s measurements before buying.

Best Tummy Band Holsters Comparing ChartWrap Up

You might see, best belly band holster versions can provide for your handgun plus some beneficial extras together with. This may cause them a lot more flexibility than other hidden have methods without causing them to be obvious for several other people.

Nonetheless, you can also take a look at your hidden provide to communicate laws to be certain the item you choose on values legit limitations. After you’re self-confident it will, everything has become is to ascertain if your personal bring choice suits the holster and in case the holster satisfies around your stomach.

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