10 top battle royale Android games

Fortnite and PUBG Mobile were huge hits on Android. These games already have millions of players and they helped to kickstart the battle royale game on mobile. These two games are among the most popular first-person shooter titles. They are not for everyone. The games are easy to learn and have long play time. Some players might want to explore other genres. We can help! These are the top Android battle royale games right now. Find out more about mobile apps and gaming here https://www.venostech.com

Battlelands Royale

Price: Free to play

Battlelands Royale allows you to play as a third-person shooter in battle royale. It is also smaller than many. Players drop into 32-person battle royales. Matches typically last between three and five minutes. It’s pretty standard battle royale. You will find items, then use them to defeat your opponents. The goal is to be the last person standing. Character upgrades are available, as well as the shrinking area mechanic and many other features. Some lag issues can occur from time to time, and the free-to-play model is more aggressive that Fortnite or PUBG Mobile. This is an excellent game.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Price:Free To Play

Call of Duty: Mobile was the biggest mobile game release of any time. It’s not surprising. This game is among the best in its genre and has a lot of content. There are several PvP modes available, including a 100-player Battle Royale mode. The game also features a lot of customizations and weapons that you can unlock to play alongside your friends as you battle it out. It is up there with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile as the top battle royale game on mobile. Unless the developers make a mistake, it will remain that way for a while.

Creative Destruction

Price: Free To Play

Creative Destruction is very similar to Fortnite. It is, in fact, a clone. However, it’s a decent copy. It includes a large map, with different landscapes, and matches for 100 players. You can create and destroy things. You can also play in first or third person. This was very enjoyable. It runs poorly on low-end phones and midrange phones. It occasionally has a bug. However, it was quite pleasant to use in our testing.


Price: Free to play

Fortnite’s launch was controversial. It’s still one of the most loved battle royale games. It features a 100-player battle royale, which is atypical for this genre. From a plane you can drop to an island and build your armaments, locate weapons, then take out other players. Because it includes a crafting component, this game is an upgrade to other battle royale games. This game allows you to sync all your data between your console and PC versions so that you can bring all your skins along. Although the game isn’t perfect, it’s still a great experience. Officially, the game was launched on the Play Store in early 2020. This means you don’t have to sideload it from Epic Games’ store.

Garena Free Fire

Price: Free To Play

Garena Free Fire, a battle royale game, is very popular. It is strange that Garena Free Fire doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Fortnite and PUBG, despite having been downloaded over 100 million times. It features ten-minute games that can be played with up to 50 players. Like most of its peers, it uses shooter mechanics. With a voice chat, you can create four-man squads. Our testing was very successful. The graphics are good and the gameplay is very smooth. The loading process is quite quick. This game is really quite good. To everyone’s surprise, it is a freemium title.

Guns Royale

Price: Free to play

Guns Royale is a standard battle royale game in terms of mechanics. In a huge free-for-all shootout, you drop down with several players in a shrinking zone. The game changes from a first-person perspective to a three quarters isometric view. You can see all your opponents around you and even in corners, so the game dynamics is quite different. This game also features AR elements, which will make it even more fun. Although it is free to play, it doesn’t force you to do so. IO games often have a battle royale vibe.

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Most IO games

Price:Free (usually)

There are many IO games that include battle royale. Axe.io and Arrow.io are some of the most popular. These games often place you in the middle a huge battle with random players from all over the world. Each game has its own mechanics. Axe.io uses axes, while Agar.io uses blocks. The core concept is the same in all of these games. You are often accompanied by many people and you can keep going until someone loses. These are often freemium games and all suffer from the same connectivity and lag problems. They are however the easiest battle royale game available. Check out our list the best IO games.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Price:Free To Play

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a clone version of PUBG. Although it uses pixel-style graphics, most of the mechanics are the same as in other shooter battle royale game. Drop in, find things, kill other players, and survive for as long as possible. It also has an in-game chat and auto shooting. However, we found some stability issues during testing. If you are looking for something similar, you may as well choose PUBG Mobile. It’s still better than the majority of PUBG clones available on Google Play.

Rules of Survival

Price:Free To Play

Rules of Survival is another PUBG clone. Although it was released after PUBG Mobile was revealed, it did not release on the scheduled release date. It allows you to drop in from an aircraft, search for stuff, and kill other people according to the norm. You can play with up to 120 people and get additional weapons and vehicles. Although it’s less well-constructed than other battle royale games this adds chaos to the mix. Like most games, it has stability issues and lag problems. Some matches were more enjoyable than others. Although it hasn’t held up well against more polished competition, this one is still a good alternative.

PUBG Mobile

Price: Free to play

PUBG Mobile is one the most popular battle royale mobile games. The majority of the eight other games are a copy of Fortnite or PUBG Mobile. The game features 100-player matches on a large, crumbling map to encourage players to interact with each other. You can use a variety weapons, equipment, and vehicles to help you in your destruction. The game runs very smoothly if you have the correct graphics settings on your device. For those with low-end devices, there is a PUBG Mobile Lite edition. You will find 50 players instead 100 and some other optimizations.


Price: Free to play

ZombsRoyale.io, an arcade shooter that also features battle royale, is available. Drop into a world that is populated by a lot of people. You must be the last one standing. It is simple to use 2D graphics and simple controls. It is easy to learn. There are also team play modes, a ton of cosmetics, leaderboards and weekly events. It feels more like a mobile title than a console game. It’s fine, but there are a lot of freemium features. The stability can sometimes be a bit unstable. It’s otherwise a pleasant experience.

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