Roblox exploit guide


This guide will only cover the basics of ROBLOX exploiting. Don’t expect anything extreme. You will learn how to find scripts, which executors to use, and whether they are safe.


To exploit Roblox you will need an executor. There are both paid and free executors. I’ll list both the paid and free safe ones. MAC users will find one free and one paid  exploits in the list.

Paid exploits.

  • SynapseX ($15-20) The best exploit can execute all scripts. There are also exclusive scripts that this executor can only access. It can execute the most complex scripts in the exploiting group.
  • ProtoSmasher ($15). This exploit is very powerful and can run many scripts. However, it fades in popularity slowly. It is easy to get lost, so I recommend you check out a YouTube tutorial.
  • Sentinel ($15). Decent exploit, but not worth it. Synapse X or ProtoSmasher are better. Although the UI is cool, Synapse X and ProtoSmasher are more powerful.
  • SirHurt ($10) This exploit is a good one. It runs paid scripts and has decent injection. It’s made by a Pedo so if you want to buy it from him, great! However, I won’t give you a link. Some people claim it steals your information.
  • NoobHaxx ($3) It’s not suggested. I suggest that you choose the free ones, but I will give the link if you need it for collection.

Free exploits.

    • KRNL-[Free] One of the most powerful exploits available, even better than paid ones. It is worth the investment because it can execute most scripts, and a lot more heavy scripts than other exploits.
    • Oxygen U-[Free] Excellent exploit. It’s a good backup option in case KRNL goes down. However, it’s not quite as reliable as KRNL.
    • Fluxus-[Free] Decent exploit It will do the job, executes good scripts, and is very good for MAC. you can find one of them

What are the potential risks?

Roblox’s T.O.S (Terms of Service) prohibits exploiting the site. They can ban you, but most exploits are not detectable so it won’t be a problem. Roblox moderation is terrible so you won’t be banned. You should never use it only to access an alt account. VPN’s are not recommended. These bans can last from one to fourteen days, but you may be able to have your account deleted.

Common issues

  1. The DLL file is not found. Solution: Disable antivirus.
  2. The exploit does not inject or crash. Solution: Wait for the exploit to update, it will be fixed.
  3. Chrome continues to block the file. Solution: Click on Downloads, then click “Allow dangerous files”. It’s not a false positive.
  4. Roblox is slowing down and the game won’t load. Solution: If your computer is slow or you are using it too often, restart it and wait a while. It should then work.
  5. Even though my antivirus is disabled, the files continue to be deleted. Solution: If you have an antivirus other than windows defender with real-time security enabled, go to the antivirus and disable it.
  6. The exploit is not available to me. Use WinRAR or Windows Zip to unpack the exploit.

Use the exploits.

Click on a game and click inject. Once it injects, you can then create a script to exploit it. This is not difficult if you remember these things and you’ll be fine.

Serverside and FE

You must have been playing in the game for a few years before you were allowed to kill or use admin commands such as flinging or bringing them to you. This all stopped with FE, which made it impossible for clients to replicate to the server. Although you can fly to them and teleport there, they can’t be killed with crazy morphs or flung. These things can be done with an SS Serverside. If you aren’t sure what an SS-Serverside is, it is a component of the game that was infected by a model that contained it. The game has a backdoor. This means that commands you execute using SS are visible to all because it is part of the game.

  • TOPK3K ($20 – $25) This SS is very powerful and has a lot of infected games. You can also use tons of commands on other players. I think it’s well worth the money.
  • Sinner SS [Free] It’s completely free. Although it has very few games, it’s still quite decent.

Roblox Lua

The dev forum is a great place to begin if you are looking to learn Roblox Lua in order to create your scripts. If you’re looking for exploiting resources that are more precise, V3MILLION might be the best resource. You can find basic Lua tutorials on YouTube. These include how to create scripts.

How do I find scripts?

You can find scripts at V3MILLION. This is how scripts can be found easily. If you’d like to create your own, please read the text.


To be clear, I didn’t copy or steal anything. I created it all myself. I was inspired by a post. I’m not sure if the person who inspired me wants me to mention his name. If he doesn’t want me to, I will wait and see if he responds. 

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