Set Up Warehouse Racking

Warehouse shelving, also known by warehouse racking, is a warehouse design that allows the storage of materials on vertical shelves. This maximizes space. This design allows shelves to be lifted on vertical pillars that rise as high as the warehouse roof. The materials stored will determine the width and height of the shelves. Most shelves are made from tear-down frames.

Setting up

Locating the ideal space to store your materials is the first step if you don’t have one. The height of your warehouse roof is an important factor. Warehouse racking uses vertical space so the taller the roof, you’ll create more space.

Designing Warehouse Shelving

After identifying the warehouse space, it is time to decide what type of warehouse rack you want. There are many types of warehouse shelving. The most popular type of warehouse shelving is pallet racking. This design uses beams to build shelves. Materials are then loaded onto the shelves using a folk-lift truck. You can either use clip-in beams or screw-in beams to build the racks. Clip-in beams can be used to store various types of materials. Clip-in beams allow you to adjust the shelf’s size easily. This design has the disadvantage that it is not able to store heavy items. Screw-in beams can be used to store heavier materials and products that do not need to be adjusted.

You can have push-back, or pallet flow design. This warehouse racking design uses rollers and rails at each level, as opposed to box beams. The materials are hung on the rollers and pulled backwards along the rail. Rail levels rise as high as the roof. This storage method maximizes warehouse capacity. This design has one drawback: it is hard to get rid of materials that are stored between rails.  MHRA approved warehousing UK

Designing the Entry Points and Exit Points

Warehouse racking can also be influenced by the entry and exit points. There are two types: the drive-in model has one entry and the other has two. Drive-in models have a single exit and entry point. Although this design creates more space, it can be difficult to manage inventory. The drive-through design, on the other hand, has the entrance at one end and the exit at the other. This allows for easy loading and unloading of materials within the warehouse. Folk-lift trucks are able to navigate the warehouse and enable you to use the ‘last in, first out’ (LIFO), method of warehousing.

Building the Racks

Once you’ve decided on the warehouse shelving design you want, you can start building your warehouse. To save money, you can buy second-hand beams. It is easy to construct the racks. You may need an expert to help you with safety and spacing.


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