Interesting Things That You Can Do In GTA Online

GTA Online has an incredible amount of content available and sometimes it can be pretty confusing. Although robbery, murder, and theft can be quite entertaining, it can also get boring. It doesn’t get boring. But if you want to change things up, this list has great activities for you. GTA Online is a long-standing online service, but it’s not possible to experience all of Los Santos’ activities. GTA Online has so many easter eggs, secrets, and just completely unknown things that players will probably still be finding new things for years to come. Or until they make their next GTA.

This list will be useful for both veterans and new players of GTA Online. GTA Online has many enjoyable activities. It has both murderous and leisurely contracts. What kind of world would Los Santos live in if they couldn’t find some time to relax after a day of robbery and murder? Rockstar creates amazing games such as GTA 5 by going into excruciating detail. This list will cover all the details of GTA Online. You’re a Grand Theft Auto veteran if you have knowledge about the activities on this list.

15. Submarine Explorations of the GTA Online Oceans

It might not have occurred to you that you could get a submarine from GTA Online. You might want to explore the oceans of GTA if you have not done so already. You can explore the oceans underwater, or escape the grip of police and other players by renting a submarine from GTA RP mods. You’re virtually untouchable once you have the submarine. Police and players won’t be able either to reach you by boat or air. Even if you have five stars, the police won’t be able to find you. You can find them in four locations on the map. The photo shows them all.

14. Watch As Other GTA Online Players Torment You

GTA Online players are probably aware that you can hire mercenaries or muggers to disrupt other players in your lobby. Mercenaries will hunt down and kill your target, while muggers will knock out your target and take whatever money they have with them. It can be very fun to do this with your friends. However, it is less satisfying if it doesn’t happen. You might not know that you can watch the live stream of the player if you call a mugger/mercenary or place a bounty on them. You can see the whole situation from your own home, so you can feel confident that your money was well spent.

13. Highlight GTA Online Player

GTA Online is a primal battlefield where people don’t think about the consequences. This is mostly because there aren’t any. There are consequences in real life, however, such as lawmakers trying to get the game banned. It is very common for people to kill you or destroy your vehicles without any reason. Sometimes it can be frustrating. You probably didn’t realize that you can scroll through any player in the lobby and click on them to open the contacts app. It basically places a beacon on the target. This makes it easy to find them, get revenge or just avoid them. It doesn’t matter what your motivation, it’s very useful for keeping track players.

12. See A Replica of The Playboy Mansion

The Richman Mansion, a bizarre looking house in Los Santos, is probably something you don’t know. Although it’s hard to miss, it’s not difficult to miss. However, if you are more interested in mischief than real estate, you may have no interest in the Richman Mansion. You might be interested to know that the Richman Mansion is a exact replica of the Playboy Mansion. You can find Playboy models in the yard and pool if you visit the property during certain hours of the day. They drink beer and dance.

It’s located near the golf course at the intersection of Americano Way and West Eclipse Boulevard.

11. Avoid Being Totally Wasteful

GTA Online offers many shops. Now, some of the clothing stores even have real-world brands. GTA Online convenience stores sell a variety of snacks and beer just like regular convenience stores. You can buy “Pisswasser” at a convenience shop and drink beer. This is probably something you already know.

You probably didn’t realize that you can chug beer faster if you hold A/X while you are on the quick menu. You will spawn in an unknown location if you quickly chug down seven beers. Although this isn’t something you would do often, it’s an interesting activity that you should try if you don’t have the time.

10. People Go on a Civilian Joyride

GTA Online does not have a taxi service. Although it’s not required since the game revolves around stealing cars, roleplayers will probably miss having a taxi service in GTA Online. You can make any civilian your driver by doing this hilarious activity with up to three of your friends. Your friend should get out any driver and take the wheel. Your friend will steal the car, but you’ll be seated in the back. The NPC will pull your friend from the driver’s seat and give you back the car. The NPC will then ignore you and drive the vehicle as normal. It is quite interesting to see the NPCs travel and it just shows how alive the GTA Online community.

9. Play golf with friends

GTA Online offers a wide range of activities, including robbery and murder. While it is fun to engage in destructive activities, what happens after you retire? You won’t be the same as those who steal cars, rob banks, or sell drugs. Even criminals have to eventually retire. To do so, you will need a peaceful and non-violent hobby. Golfing is a great hobby. You can play with up to three friends if you feel relaxed and calm and you want to have fun playing friendly golf. Golf in GTA Online is so safe that no one gets shot, stabbed or robbed. If you are annoyed by losing, however, you can still resolve things on the green.

8. See a Movie

GTA Online is a virtual life simulator because of the sheer number of activities available. Although it is very similar to real life in many ways, the game has a lot more murders, betrayals, robbery and arson than what we are used to. There are many other activities in GTA Online than shooting and robbing people.

Los Santos Movie Theater is a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy short films. Although watching movies in video games might not be something you are interested in, Rockstar makes some hilarious short films. They also include references to other games in the films. I recommend you grab your friends, make some popcorn, and enjoy timeless flicks in GTA Online.

7. Hit the BMX Parks

GTA Online can be a time-consuming activity as driving is difficult to do without a car. Bike riding can be very enjoyable, and simple tasks are sometimes the best things to do in GTA Online. GTA Online’s physics system allows you to do some amazing stunts by simply grabbing a mountain/BMX bicycle and riding it around the parks. You only have one control on GTA Online bikes, but you can combine your movements with it to do some really cool tricks. There are many terrain options available at different bike parks, including quarter-pipes and half-pipes. If you are a GTA Online biker, they are worth a visit.

6. Six Go to Flight School and Learn To Fly

Many players are too busy taking planes and flying them. Although school is not the most exciting thing in GTA Online it is a very useful thing to do. Los Santos International will show you a small plane icon. This is the flight school. You will get a nice bonus cash and your flying skills will increase if you earn a gold medal in each of the missions. These missions are not for the faint-hearted.

5. Play tennis with a friend

It’s a popular sport in real-life, and it seems to be very popular in video games. Rockstar has done a great job integrating tennis into GTA Online, adding it to the fun list of things you can do in GTA Online.

It’s fun to steal cars, shoot people in the face and blow up their vehicles. But sometimes, it can be nice to take a break and enjoy some harmless tennis games. Play with a friend to see who wins. You might be surprised at how much fun it is.

4. Ways to Betray Your Friends

While teamwork is fun, it’s not what real life is about. You can do things in video games that you wouldn’t normally do in real life. You might consider pulling one on your friends if you are riding along with some of your friends on a quiet night and decide that you want to rob convenience stores. You should know that if you rob convenience stores with a friend, the only person who touches the cash will be the one to receive it. He/she can decide whether they want to keep it or split it. Why should you split the cash? Enjoy some time with your friend and escape with the cash. Leave the police to deal with them. Just don’t try to cheat Rockstar out of any cash, or you may face legal action.

Secretly call a mugger at your next destination to get the cash. Watch as your friend is robbed and knocked out, completely unaware who it was. GTA Online is a great way to have fun and share your friendships. You will be forgiven by your friend. Besides, with more players than ever playing the game in 2020, you’ll easily find new friends to play with.

3. Create Fun Custom Races

You’re likely to have played most of the Rockstar-created races and deathmatches if you’re an old GTA Online player. They can become boring after a while. You should definitely look into the GTA Online Content Creator if you are creative. It allows you to create completely new deathmatches, races and capture missions. GTA Online Content Creator keeps you up to date with the latest DLC. The possibilities are endless. Your imagination and creativity are the only limits of the content creator. Players have created some amazing content. GTA Online players have the ability to share and download various custom races/deathmatches to their community Rockstar pages. Check out the top-trending creations to get your work noticed.

2. Join Fast and Furious Style Car Meetups

GTA Online has an insane amount of cars and there’s a lot of potential to customize and make your own unique version of each available car. There are many options for vehicle customization, including lowriders, trucks, motorcycles, and sports cars. This game is a great way to have fun with car enthusiasts. They can customize their cars without having to worry about the financial constraints of real life. GTA Online car enthusiasts will host huge car meetups where players can show off their cars. This is a peaceful and enjoyable activity in GTA Online. Usually, a large group of people becomes a bloodbath. Just don’t rock up in one of these insanely overpowered cars and ruin everyone else’s fun.

1. Go To Glamourous Yacht Parties

Ever wonder what you would buy if your fortune was millionaire? You don’t have to wonder any longer. A yacht is one of the most expensive purchases you can make online in GTA. A yacht is the most expensive thing you can buy in GTA Online. Yachts are basically a home away from home on water. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to purchase a yacht in GTA Online. Many GTA Online’s richest people throw extravagant parties onboard their yachts. You can have fun on the water by joining forums or discord servers. They can be violent due to GTA Online’s nature, but they are always fun.

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