What Functions Does GoodNotes App Have?

The GoodNotes is among the finest i-OS software for writing and reading a PDF file. They are able to literarily alter your i-phone, i-pad, or Mac to an electronic file management strategy. With this program, it is easy to organize your documents owing to its intuitive and powerful capabilities.

Their principal purpose is to alter the standard paper documents to paperless technology. By going digital, you are able to readily move and resize the newspaper, or transform the shade of the pencil you’re utilizing. In addition to this, you can do lots of things like drawing on a shape that is perfect, employ flawless right lines, and also a lot more.

With the growth of electronic technology, lots of individuals have begun to make work with this application on their own computers. But not many folks are using i-OS apparatus like i-phone or Mac computer.

For that reason, they won’t have the ability to put in the GoodNotes onto PC directly. However, this doesn’t necessarily follow there is no solution to put it onto a PC running on a Windows OS.

Many folks can install it by conducting a Mac-OS on their PC. And that is just what we will show within this report.

If you’re happy to locate out it, visit another topic to make certain your personal laptop system is well ready for the installment of this GoodNotes to get PC.

As the only real means to conduct this GoodNotes on PC will be to conduct it out of macOS, then you need to emulate this Running Program within the Windows.

Remember that managing a Virtual Machine on a Windows PC may slow down a few older PC. Thus, Ensure That you have at least the following prerequisites for virtualization:

  • A Windows-10 7, 87, or Windows Running system may encourage a 64 bit API.
  • You will need the perfect quantity of memory, and it is over 4 GB or longer.
  • An electronic server is based heavily on a chip. Thus, it could be best for those who had a speedy dual-core or more chip to encourage it.
  • It takes your drive to get at least 70 GB more or free.

It requires one to empower Virtualization Technology (Intel-vt or even AMDV ), which may be seen on the BIOS. Allowing it may enhance the operation of both emulations.

Be certain your computer surpasses or at the aforementioned info. If your personal computer does not contain it, then running the Mac-OS in your own Windows will just freeze your PC.

Installing GoodNotes About Windows from the Virtualized Mac-OS

To make certain you’ll have the ability to download and then set it up on your own pc, be certain you examine the guide thoroughly to put in it successfully.

Obtain the Mac-OS Big Sur

One among the Greatest Mac-OS That’s compatible using GoodNotes Will Be your Big Sur. It is also possible to decide to take to the prior variant, however, we recommend applying this 1. You’ve got to discover that the”.vmdk” record of this Mac-OS Big Sur elsewhere.

Download the Most Recent VirtualBox

VirtualBox could be your virtualization computer software which you are able to buy at no cost. Make certain you download the most recent version from their official site and install it. This program might be installed easily by tapping on the”Next” button before you launch it.

  • Title your digital machine for such a thing you want, as for instance, “Mac-OS Big Sur.”
  • Pick the Mac OS X out of the “Form,” after which your variant should be described as considered a 64bit.
  • Click on the “Expert Mode” button and then install at least 1 / 2 your real RAM. By way of instance, you experience an 8GB RAM; afterward, the Memory Size needs to be 4096 MB.
  • About the Hard Disc option, choose the “Create a digital hard drive drive ” and click the”Create” button.
  • In the next window, then fix the drive space by inputting at the least 70 GB. The hard drive type may even need to function as that the VMDK subsequently click on the”Generate” button again.
  • Currently, click on the preferences of one’s VM, and after that go to the Motherboard tab.
  • Next would be to correct the heart using this VM by clicking on the “processor” tab and then allow it to one or 2 cores. More cores me faster.
  • Return straight back again to the left sidebar options and select the “Screen” and place the “Video Memory” to 128 MB and click on the “Okay” button.
  • Currently, it’s time for you to load up the Mac-OS Big Sur by clicking on the “Add” icon and choose the file which you have downloaded earlier in the day. Click on the”Pick” button to move.
  • Once you finished the installation of this VirtualBox, another thing you require will be always to conduct a code to put in the Mac-OS Big Sur onto a VirtualBox.
  • To move, start the command prompt being an administrator. Once the command prompt is currently still running, input the next code by one. If you obey our case above, then the name of this VM is likely to soon be “Mac-OS Big Sur.”

Additionally, you must close the VirtualBox application on the personal pc until you implement the code. Otherwise, the digital machine could don’t conduct it.

Starting-up The digital Machine

  • as soon as you’ve completed the implementation of codes, then now you can begin running the Virtual Machine in the event that you can’t locate the button.
  • You are going to understand a code, and the Apple logo will begin showing on the monitor.
  • After a time, the speech option will reveal. Choose which you might be comfortable with.
  • Install the Mac-OS and agree on its stipulations. The setup requires a little bit of time, so have patience as you wait around because of it.
  • When the Mac-OS heaps up, go into the AppStore, also now you can begin the look to your GoodNotes.
  • Click on the download button to set up the GoodNotes onto the PC.


I wish to set up the GoodNotes on my Windows pc without VirtualBox; just how do I really do this?

Regrettably, there are not any other means to conduct it onto a Windows PC. The programmers of this GoodNotes allow it to be exclusive just for the Apple apparatus. Thus, managing a Mac in the virtual server could be the only method to conduct it on Windows.

My personal laptop is older, can I run it?

You may test, however, we can’t guarantee it will continue to work because virtualization usually needs substantial processing capacity and memory to execute it successfully.

Can I obtain malware with it?

Regardless, the VirtualBox can be just really actually a valid app for virtualization. But be careful if you’re searching for the Mac-OS document from various sources. Regrettably, we can’t offer the details about the best way best to receive it.

Can I Want to Buy the GoodNotes to do it?

Yes, that application isn’t suitable for free. But having its multi-features, it’s an ideal program for PDF administration.


Inside this guide, we’ve shown you the way you can conduct the Mac-OS on the computer together with the installment of this goodnotes pc onto Windows. Together with the VirtualBox assistance, running a private i-OS program gets the potential to perform onto the Windows computer.

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