Why Customer reviews Are So Important?

Businesses can use customer reviews to find out what works, gain new customers and sell more products. Here are some ways to get them.

In the world of digital marketing, human contact might feel like a thing of the past. If someone is considering a purchase, however, they will need advice from a person.

When word-of-mouth recommendations are passed along by a friend, family member, or neighbor, it’s invaluable for the business. A Nielsen survey found that 83% believe this type of advertising is most trustworthy.

Customer reviews are like a digital friend’s advice.

Help others find you online

Publishing customer Overeview can improve your SEO rankings, which help online shoppers find you and then decide to buy your stuff.

Content that is original and frequently updated is rewarded by search engines. One of the best ways to meet these standards is by posting reviews. In many cases, customers will search for the product name along with “reviews”.

Show your customers that you care

Asking for reviews does more than help you get future shoppers, it solidifies your relationship with the customer who just bought something. You’re showing that you care about their opinions and want to give them the best possible experience by asking them for feedback.

You’re showing your customers that you care about their opinions and want to make sure they have a great experience.
Find out what works and fix what doesn’t.

The co-founders of Everly, a natural, sugar-free drink flavor, conceived of their products while on a canoe trip. It was designed to help active adventurers hydrate while canoeing, camping, and other outdoor activities. After customer feedback showed that their product was mostly used to replace soda in daily life, the company changed its strategy.

Now they create new products and marketing with their actual customers in mind, and they continue to check reviews for good ideas about their direction.

What customer reviews are you looking for?

  • Realize authentic, honest reviews shops will be more likely to buy if reviews are honest and authentic. You should solicit reviews from real customers to get a better idea of the product’s quality from someone they trust.
  • Share and collect reviews.BrightLocal’s study found that customers read on average 7 reviews before making a decision to trust a company. A variety of reviews can make people more likely to believe that you sell high-quality products.
  • It also makes it clearer that reviews are genuine.
  • Balance quality and quantity are important to consider both the quality and quantity reviews. A Northwestern University publishes studyIn 2015, it was found that reviews are only as effective at influencing shoppers to buy if they contain the right content. You don’t need as many reviews if they are more detailed and longer. You will need more if they are very short.
  • Embrace negative reviews. Your business does not need all reviews to be positive. According to Northwestern’s study, customers are more likely to purchase something with a rating of 4.2-4.5 stars than a rating of 5 stars. Perfect scores can make customers suspicious. It helps customers trust the opinions of others if they have received critical feedback.
  • Because perfect scores are suspicious, customers will be more likely to purchase something with a rating of 4.2-4.5 stars than a 5-star rating.


Mailchimp: How to collect reviews

How can you get customers to provide feedback? Northwestern’s study shows that up to 80% of reviews originate from post-purchase emails.

This type of follow-up is easy with Mailchimp. You can easily send an email asking for a review to the person who bought your product. This automation send at a default time, but you can make adjustments to the timing based on your own needs. You can also set the automation to send only to customers who bought a particular item, an item from a specific category, or anyone who makes a purchase.

Northwestern found that as high as 80% of customer reviews are generated from emails after purchase.
Timing is everything

Based on the product you sell, decide when to follow up. People will often try clothes the same day they arrive if you are selling clothing. The day they receive their package, they will be available to give feedback.

But if you sell something like outdoor adventure gear for cats, you might want to give your customer a week or two to test it out before you ask for a review.

Keep track of your reviews

You can direct customers to leave reviews via your website or email by using product follow-ups and first purchase automation. If you have a paid Mailchimp account, you can use conversion tracking to manage customer responses.

Integrations like SurveyMonkey also make it simple to collect and consolidate customer feedback.

It is important that customers leave reviews about your products. A simple rating system, such as 1-5 stars, will allow customers to leave reviews in a matter of seconds. You can even offer incentives like a discount on their next purchase to make it more appealing.

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